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IGN unwraps SimCity mod tools

IGN talks about SimCity 4's new BAT tool and how you can use it to make your own custom 3D buildings.
Building Architect Tool exchange opens at official site

Maxis' Lot Exchange now supports the uploading of buildings created with the new SimCity 4 Building Architect Tool (BAT). Check out the enhanced exchange and then grab the BAT tool to make your own buildings.
SimCity 4 wins award

SimCity 4 has won the title "Best Economic Simulation Game" from Check out the awards for yourself!
Got gridlock?

There's a great read over at pertaining to transportation in SimCity 4: Rush Hour and how it compares to the real thing, through the mind of an experienced real-life transit guru. Check out the Gridlock Sam Interview.
Happy Holidays, more to come

The site hasn't been updated for quite some time as I continue to settle into married life and also work for Maxis, makers of SimCity 4. But little by little, expect a few more updates and perhaps a new chapter in the sc3000/sc4ever saga.
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