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Region: Maxisland

By Wren Weburg

The big view of MaxislandWay back when I started my first SimCity site for SimCity 2000, I began by offering my own creations. It was in fact a very personal site to express my addiction to -- and the work resulting from -- playing SimCity. Now, with SimCity 4, I've finally created what I think is my first "completed" SimCity 4 region, and going back to my roots, I'm making it available here on the site for the first time.

This region has 1.3 million sims and every "earnable" reward object placed somewhere. The only exception is the Grand Central Station, which due to a bug, I could not earn properly, so I cheated it into Bevopolis. Everything else is as natural as I could make it.

The region serves as a good reference for users trying to build the larger regions, or folks who just want a built-out region to explore and haven't found anything on the Web (sadly, SimCity 4 files aren't very portable or compact due to the nature of the game). I don't know how much time I have into this region, but I would guess "a lot of evenings". Parts of it are named after my wife, other parts of it are named after my alter ego -- an egotistical and tyrannical mayor who happens to care a lot about how the sims in his cities live. Thankfully it's just a game! In various places, I took the time to place a few signs marking certain interesting spots, and labeled some roads, and have given special names to buildings, but mostly I just built and built. I hope you enjoy exploring it.

Download the region (71.0 MB)
To install, unzip this file into your "\My Documents\SimCity 4\Regions\" folder. It will create a new directory in there. Then, the next time you load SimCity 4, this region will show up in your region list when you go to load a new region. May not work without the SimCity 4 Deluxe (or the Rush Hour expansion pack) installed.

Like the region? Having troubles getting it to work? Feel free to discuss it in the "SimCity 4 General" section of the discussion forum. I started a thread there. :-) I will take suggestions into account for my next region!

Preview the region
A few highlights of the region, from snapshots I took as I played.

Downtown Weburg is the largest commercial center for the region.

The convention center of Downtown Weburg bustles with pre-show activity. Light squeezes between the tall downtown buildings and casts a strip of brightness across the plaza.

Bevopolis, the spouse of downtown Weburg, offers a more quaint downtown area.

East Weburg has numerous attractions like a casino, art museum, a courthouse, and more.

Ripe with technology, a space shuttle lifts off in the heart of Simicon Valley, near the research center and university.

A single hydrogen plant powers three seperate medium-sized cities.

To the North, the region shows its agricultural roots. The state fair and farmer's market bring food and fun close to the region's central population.

Farms and their small towns blot the northern country.

In the southern bay area, take a cruise on a large cruise ship, or visit remote islands by ferry.

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