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SimCity 4 (22 links)
SimCity 3000 (21 links)
Building Architect Tool & SC3URK (7 links)
SimCity 2000 (4 links)
SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (10 links)
SimGames/other strategy sites (27 links) | Submit link here
The Sims Resource
The #1 Sims site for downloads... OFFICIAL! Recommended by Will Wright and featured in the official strategy guide.
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See pictures of people playing the Sims Online in the searchable database. Post your own pics, sims, properties or just keep up with the latest in TSO happenings with the frequent news updates.
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The premiere site for all things Sim, putting an emphasis on community growth and cultivation. Forums full of colorful discussions, up-to-the-minute news coverage, FAQs and guides, the largest SimGames cheat code database on the internet, and so much more!
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Great site with coverage of many SimGames. Very thorough on the news.
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Great coverage of many popular SimGames.
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SimWatch is short for "The Sims Neighborhood Watch," the official email discussion list for The Sims.
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SimPlanet by Markus Berger
SimPlanet - Alles rund um das Thema SimCity 3000: Links, Tips & Tricks, Downloads, News, Forum, G
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SIMBRA - Sim of Brazil
All things about TheSims in Portuguese. We have many information about SimCity 3000, SimTower, ThemeHospital, PizzaTycoon, Elifoot, and lot of games.
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SimSational Sim Games
Dedicated to bringing you the best news and updates for all Sim games. These games include The Sims (PC, Console and Online), SimCity 4, SimCity 3000, SimGolf and SimCoaster. Say "hi" at the forums, too!
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A GERMAN site with information, tools, downloads and much more.
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Sims Auctions
An auction site for The Sims Online, where you can "get what you want now!".
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The Sim Interstate
A good place for miscellaneous SimCity-related news and info.
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EA Online
A site dedicated to EA games.
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Sim City Hall
A fair amount of SimCity coverage.
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This site has galleries full of SimToons, which are basically screenshots that are funny or made to be funny. Check it out!
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A strategy gaming community with current news, chatroom, and an active forum where you can discuss all the games and activities offered. Features a monthly SimCity 3000 challenge and other game contests.
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SyM Place Online
SimCity 3000 and 4000 coverage.
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Provides tips, tricks, downloads, and cheats for many simulation games including, but not limited to: SimCity 2000, 3000, 4, Sim Tower, and more!
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Matt's SimCity Page
Information and links for the SimCity games, among other Sim title. Also includes a discussion forum.
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SimAngels for all your Sims needs: walls, floors, objects. Updated regularly.
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ThemeHospital Brasil
Website about ThemeHospital. Downloads, manuals, and links on the game.
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Simcity 3000 and Warhammer Online
Simcity 2000 and Simcity 3000 coverage.
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SC Online
Advice, cheats and links for The Sims. Web site also covers SimCity 3000.
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SimGlobal focuses mainly on Maxis' modern line of Sim games as well as coverage of the old. You will find content on The Sims, SimCity 3000, as well as upcoming Maxis games. -The site is now up, thanks-
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Robsters sims web site
This Web site has downloads, pictures, and music.
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By St. Leo.
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A strategy gaming site with the latest news in the strategy genre. Also has a monthly magazine with reviews, tech notes, strategies, developer interviews, and more.
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