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SimCity 4 (22 links)
SimCity 3000 (21 links)
Building Architect Tool & SC3URK (7 links) | Submit link here
SimArchitect has hundreds of buildings in BAP, BAT, SC3URK and SCURK format. Also has custom landmarks and custom add-ons (props, paints and decals) for download. Plus advice and interviews!
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The Rendering Kit
Excellent stuff here; one of the first SC3URK-dedicated sites. Download and upload custom buildings for SC3URK, or you can even download some game buildings to use as replacements.
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A fantastic SimCity/Building Architect Tool site for Taiwan. Primary focus is on BAT, with numerous buildings. Also includes a large quantity of decals, as well as SimCities based on real-life ones in Taiwan.
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SimCity 3000 BAT CAVE
Les Freeman's sequel to his famous SCURK Mountain Home. Currently has BatLinks, hint articles on roads, highways, and bridges, and a unique look at the importance of size and magnification in game planning.
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Architectural Art Online Information Source
Architectural Art has many features for BAP enthusiast. The site offers articles, an art gallery, and games. Contribution of articles and art are welcomed.
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SIM Gothia
SIM Gothia covers SC2K, SCURK, SC3KU, BAPlus, an intro guide, and yet more. Great BA buildings -- high standard of quality.
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Hobager's Download Page
SimCity 3000 Unlimited buildings, props, and cheats. Great selection of prop cars and trucks! Dodge Ram's, Beetles, Tocama's. Also PlayStation Codes, Hilarious Comics, Winamp Skins, and more...
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SimCity 2000 (4 links)
SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (10 links)
SimGames/other strategy sites (27 links)
All-purpose gaming sites (10 links)
Miscellaneous (23 links)
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