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SimCity 4 (22 links)
SimCity 3000 (21 links) | Submit link here
Official SimCity 3000 site
You'll find downloads, screen shots, the latest information, and much more. The site will be integrated with SimCity 3000 to offer a more "wired" gaming experience.
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SimCity 3000 Control Tower
This site is dedicated to advanced projects for SimCity 3000 Unlimited, including unofficial patches, game customization, and advanced techniques.
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SC3K Map Editor
Home of an intuitive terrain editor for SimCity 3000. A definate must-download.
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ZZZ Zentral
Neat content for SimCity 3000 Unlimited. Get a free zipper too, whatever that means.
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A handy tool for converting USGS real-world terrain files directly into bitmaps for import into SimCity 3000. Allows you to generate real-world terrain for the entire U.S.A.
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SimCity 3000 Desktop Theme for Windows98 Plus
This theme features 256-color icons, wallpaper, and sounds taken from the game. These files are different than the ones included in Maxis' SimCity Extras.
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SimCity 3000 Reference
Comprehensive SimCity 3000 fan site includes all the game cheat codes, game utilities and add-ons, and hints and tips on SimCity 3000 that you wouldn't find from the game itself.
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A good french site on Simcity 3000...
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Peter's Place
SimCity 3000 coverage along with coverage of other SimCity game. Nice design and great features.
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CityScape 3000
Cool design with hints, cheats, articles, stuff like that.
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Most Worshipful Leader's SimCity Page
Some cities to check out, plus a few other things for the other SimCity games.
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SC3K Strategies and Cities
Cities and strategies. A nice-looking and useful page.
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E-tainment's SimCity Online
Advice, cheats, and building downloads.
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You can download cities for SimCity 3000 and 2000.
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A good site on SimCity 3000 and SimCity 3000 World Edition in French. Cheats and Craftiness.
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Sebastian's Simcity 3000 Page
Tips, tricks, and downloads.
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Sim City 3k Terrain Stop
A large selection of interesting BMP terrains to check out.
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Sim University
A fair amount of SimCity 3000 strategies.
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NacimCity in a french site which deals with SimCity 3000 and 2000. Features tips, buildings for the BAT and other information.
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SimCity 3000 Download Center
A site in Portuguese with several SimCity 3000 downloads.
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Dieters Simworld
A german fanpage with tips, tricks, and city downloads.
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Building Architect Tool & SC3URK (7 links)
SimCity 2000 (4 links)
SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (10 links)
SimGames/other strategy sites (27 links)
All-purpose gaming sites (10 links)
Miscellaneous (23 links)
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