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SimCity 4 (22 links)
SimCity 3000 (21 links)
Building Architect Tool & SC3URK (7 links)
SimCity 2000 (4 links)
SimCity Urban Renewal Kit (10 links) | Submit link here
The Sojot Collection
This site features the fantastic artwork of Lee Sojot, who has created some of the most intricate Japanese, Chinese, and Asian artwork ever seen. A must visit for SCURK fans.
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SCURK Renaissance
The site design might be rudimentary, but all artwork is done by PinkTulips/FreeChina and is simply stunning.
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SCURK Around the World
A journey around the world through the eyes of SCURK. A very comprehensive site with great SCURK artwork!
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Tom's site continues to grow, offering very unique tiles. He also has a sketch pad where you can see his works in progress.
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MacSys SimCity 2000 Page
A site dedicated to hard-to-find Macintosh tilesets. A definate must for any MAC SCURKer!
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Ian's Simly Simsational SimCity Site
Ian has created some of the most intricate retro tiles to date, and has them organized into an enjoyable web site.
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Chris Nacinovich's SCURK Page
New SCURK tiles that have "borrowed" elements. Worth a look to any SCURK enthusiast.
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Justin's SCURK Page
Here you'll find a great collection of original tiles, including real-world cities.
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SCURK Skyline Images
SCURK artwork for download, plus shows works in progress.
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Lorencio's SimCity Site
Primary a SCURK site with downloads and other things to check out.
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SimGames/other strategy sites (27 links)
All-purpose gaming sites (10 links)
Miscellaneous (23 links)
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