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a few tips #1342
Updated: 3/13/05 OS/platforms(s): Windows and Macintosh Versions: Rush Hour

Contributor/author(s): A miscullanius mayor

Tip 1: When you start a city, zone residential and commercial next to eachother, and industrial about seven-ten tiles away. Put an avenue through the residential/commercial and industrial. Put a toll booth on it if you like. Tip 2: CITY SIZE: small =gas power plant medium and large = coal Tip 3: Your commercial demand won't be very high until there's an airport. You shouldn't build a small airport until you have 26,000 sims in your city (that's when you can zone high density for skyscrapers). Tip 4: Wait until you zone high density until you have met two requirements: water (pipes should be 12 spaces from each other, avoid diagonals), and 1,100 sims. Tip 5: Build a clinic (or two) until you have 1,100 sims, then build a large medical center. You pay $200/month for a huge coverage area, three clinics = $300/month for the smae area. Tip 6: Get a sim as soon as possible to get maximum feedback about your city.

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