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Stage Caps #1122
Updated: 6/2/03 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Isaac Gardner

Many people are getting frustrated with Simcity 4 when attempting to build large residential, commercial service, and commercial office buildings. Its obvious in the many forums I visit...

But here's a pointer: Stage Caps, a new concept in SC4 that attempts to make the simulator more realistic, will not allow medium and high density buildings of a certain zone and wealth type to be built until a certain population of that zone is reached. Phew! Thats a mouthful!

In other words, until your residential or commercial office population (of a certain wealth class) reaches 1,114; you will see no medium density developments. Likewise, you will need to achieve a population of 25,952 before any high density buildings are constructed.

Commercial service developers will first build medium density buildings at a commercial service population (of, once again, a certain wealth level)of 1,114 jobs, and high density buildings will be constructed at a commercial service job population of 15,356.

Industry (of a certain developer type) will build high density buildings at a job population of 2,447. All of these figures are out of the official strategy guide, and the entire regional population (for the specific developer type) applies to these stage caps.

Also, one bit of clarification, if you want to see high-density high-wealth residential developments, you will need a high-wealth residential population (not a global residential population) of 25,952 sims. Hope this helps!

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