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Early tips #1107
Updated: 6/2/03 OS/platforms(s): All Versions: All

Contributor/author(s): Mayor Matt

Beginning any city is probably the hardest part in SimCity 4. However, with my experience, I have found a few tips that are great to use.

First things first:

When you are editing the landscape, PAUSE the game. Otherwise, you will end up paying the monthly fees as you are building your infrastructure before you "officially" start your city.

When I start building my city, I like to put all the city services (except power and garbage) in a small central "cluster" of sorts. It just helps to know where everything is. However, I have learned from experience that this central cluster needs room to grow, so leave some room (so you can upgrade clinic to major hospital, small fire to large fire dept, etc)

When you put down you first city services, power, etc, and before you unpause the game, reduce all of your funding. Why keep your power spending at max when you could save a ton of money (when that power is going to waste). Same goes for schools and health facilities, but NOT police and fire dept's. If you really have to save money, you can shave a tiny bit off, but please please please do not reduce it too much. You need a good PD and FD.

Neighbor connections are free! (for the most part) Build a lot of them! (beware that neighbor connections to cities already built will DEMOLISH whatever is on the other side of the link -- BE CAREFUL! Thats why I never build links to nothing but the SimNation)

The region play capabilities are not to be underestimated. Founding new cities that feed off of an existing city is much easier than starting from scratch. Just make sure to hook them up.

Water towers are nice and all, but look at the numbers. You get MUCH more water from a pump, even if the upkeep is much higher. It makes sense to buy in bulk here, the numbers favor the pumps (In my opinion). In the beginning of a city, you may waste some water with a pump though, but I usually use pumps now.

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